Payment Terms



To ensure a smooth and efficient order fulfillment process, we adhere to a tiered payment structure based on the TT Advance Payment method:

1. 30% Advance Payment by Order Confirmation

Upon placing your order and confirming the purchase, you are required to make a 30% advance payment. This initial payment secures your order and initiates the product sourcing process, allowing us to start gathering the necessary components and preparing your shipment accordingly.

2. 70% Payment before Shipment

Prior to your order being dispatched from our warehouse, you are responsible for making the remaining 70% payment of the order total. This final payment ensures that we can finalize the order, meticulously pack the components, and ensure a seamless shipment process.

3. Balance of Invoice and Shipping Charges

Prior to your order’s departure from our warehouse, you will receive an invoice summarizing the remaining balance due,including any applicable shipping charges. This final payment is required before your order leaves our facility.

4. Bank Charges

Please note that any banking fees associated with international transactions or currency conversions are the sole responsibility of the customer. To avoid any unexpected charges, we kindly request that you inform your bank of the international nature of your transaction and inquire about any applicable fees beforehand.